Vehicle Description

2024 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 165


Modern mountain sleds have become extremely specialized and Yamaha Mountain Max models are very special machines. Lightweight, powerful and bristling with features dedicated to mastering the slopes.

Features may include:

  • Comfort
  • The 10.6-gallon / 40.1-liter tank provides plenty of fuel capacity

  • Lightweight with a tall and narrow profile, the M-TX mountain seat is both shorter and more tapered towards the front than our standard trail seat. This allows for easier rider transitions from side-to-side, and improved stand-up ergonomics.

  • Full-featured and easy to read, the digital gauge displays critical information in a glance including speed, fuel level, trip mileage, tach, elevation, temperatures and more. Changing functions is made easy with the switch controls on the left handlebar.

  • A simple push of a button causes the engine to restart in reverse. The audible `back-up` beeper indicates the reverse system is engaged and continues to beep until the button is pushed again to restart the engine in its forward direction. A simple, lightweight and efficient way to back out of a tight situation.

  • Additional storage is provided by a convenient under-seat bag. The semi-rigid design is easy to access and water resistant to keep your spares safe and dry. Quarter-turn, quick release fasteners are provided to make removal a snap.

  • Handling
  • The lightweight Yamaha Mountain Ski delivers everything you want in a deep snow ski. Its wide footprint enhances flotation and actively lifts the sled’s nose up on plane in deep powder. Traction lugs on the top of the ski give you a sure foothold when the situation gets really gnarly. The wide and deep keel design delivers light steering effort, yet confident and predictable handling on hard pack and in fresh fluff.

  • The SRV chassis layout was engineered with the goal of centralizing mass. Approximately 60 percent of the sled`s weight is tightly centered within the main triangulation. The result is a quick-handling, well-balanced sled that`s fun to throw around in a wide variety of conditions.

  • A dedicated, tall steering post delivers optimum ergonomics for standup riding. The 5.5-inch riser with broad, molded, curved-end mountain bar and incorporated mountain strap delivers ample leverage for off-trail riding. The system is adjustable to dial in sweep and reach to help keep you in the sweet spot.

  • Performance
  • This 165-inch long, single-ply, PowerClaw track uses 3.0-inch lugs in a 3.5-inch pitch configuration. The long, forward curved paddles are staggered to bite into the deepest powder. Forward motion and lift are guaranteed by the extended length to get you up and over the steepest slopes.

  • New lightweight primary and secondary CVT pulleys provide accurate, smooth shifting with cool operation for maximum performance and drive belt durability.

  • Electronic fuel injection provides efficient fuel delivery to the cylinder based on engine RPM for maximum torque and response. The computerized fuel injection ensures reliable cold weather starting, maximum fuel range with low exhaust gas emissions

  • The power valve system tunes the exhaust port opening based on RPM to ensure maximum torque and fuel efficiency across the power band.

  • Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 coil-spring, high-pressure gas shocks feature a piggyback chamber to deliver reduced fading, exceptional control, and three easy-to-adjust compression damping performance settings, so you can quickly and easily adjust the ride to conditions and your riding preference.

Stock Number SM129
Condition NEW
Year 2024
Mileage NEW
Body Style Snowmobile
Color BLUE
Engine Type
Driven Wheels
Technical Specifications