Vehicle Description

2013 Polaris® Brutus™ HD PTO


Integrated Front PTO. Factory-installed cab with heat, defrost and A/C. Compatible with PTO and hydraulically controlled front attachments.

Features May Include
  • Diesel Power with Hydrostatic Transmission
  • An isolation-mounted, fuel efficient YANMAR® diesel power plant delivers low vibration and lower speed torque. Combined with a durable hydrostatic drive transmission that is optimized for acceleration and top speed, they provide all the torque and power you need to move over tough terrain, haul more cargo and perform all the rigorous jobs that BRUTUS™ was designed to do.

  • Multi-Link Coil Over De Dion Suspension
  • As the first side x side utility vehicle to use this work-grade suspension, BRUTUS™ models deliver a smooth ride far beyond what the competition can offer – both with and without a load. The rear suspension supports a 1,250 pound cargo capacity and minimizes suspension sag when fully loaded. The suspension also maintains ground clearance when trailering with its best-in-class 2,000 pound towing capacity.

  • Superior Cargo Storage
  • Pallet-sized rear dump box with 1,250 lb capacity features exclusive Lock & Ride® cargo system that accommodates many hard-working accessories that go on and off in seconds. There’s also plenty of room to stow your tools, gloves and other worksite necessities in ample under-seat and in-dash storage.

  • On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive
  • True AWD keeps you moving, automatically engaging all four wheels when you need more forward traction and reverting back to 2WD when you don’t. When in 2WD, the VersaTrac Turf Mode switch allows you to unlock the rear differential for easier, tighter turns without tearing up the turf.

  • Treadle Pedal
  • Like nothing else in its category, BRUTUS™ allows you to travel in forward or reverse with a single pedal, without ever shifting gears or taking your hands off of the steering wheel.

  • Hydraulically Controlled Front Attachments
  • BRUTUS™ HD takes productivity to the next level, coming ready to work with three optional, hydraulically controlled front-end attachments that instantly transform one vehicle into multiple hard working machines. Plow, lift, or scoop with a commercial-grade snow blade, adjustable width pallet forks, or a durable materials bucket. An optional, dealer-installed PTO kit gives the operator even more attachment options.

  • Pro-Tach™ Attachment System
  • The innovate Pro-Tach™ attachment system allows quick and easy connection and disconnection of front-end implements, so you spend less time gearing up your vehicle and more time on the chore at hand. The intuitive joystick controls the attachment position from the seat of the cab.

  • PTO-Powered Front Attachments
  • BRUTUS™ HDPTO is the first in its class to offer front-end PTO capability. The high efficiency, mechanical PTO delivers smooth performance directly from the engine to a versatile line of optional front attachments. Sweep, mow, or blow with an angle broom, finishing mower, or snow blower.

  • Intuitive Controls
  • Ergonomic controls at the operator’s fingertips make operation easy and consistent with other work machines. Attachment adjustments are easy to make with an intuitive joystick, and float position gives free flow of hydraulic oil so the attachment matches the ground contour for optimum performance. An independent hand throttle allows the operator to provide attachments with full power regardless of vehicle speed.

  • Fully Enclosed Cab with All-Season Climate Control
  • In-dash heat, defrost and air conditioning systems work in conjunction with a completely enclosed, flush-mount cab system to keep the operator comfortable, and thus more productive, in a variety of weather conditions.

    VIN K7143A
    Stock Number K7143A
    Condition USED
    Year 2013
    Make POLARIS®
    Mileage 2,823 mileage
    Body Style Utility
    Color GRAY
    Engine Type
    Driven Wheels
    Technical Specifications